Hello, Mate!

08-ROOMS is simple escape game where you try to solve all the 8 puzzles to escape from the small room you were left it, Each puzzle in each room/door are good enough to test the skills...


1. Painteria: Where you order colors in the square with mouse (Click on a rectangle then click on second one to swap them), So same color won't be duplicated on all columns and rows.

2. Binary Quiz: You set/clear bits to match the value on the right side, Really simple though...

3. Filler: Fill the grid via moving player with arrow keys so no empty trace left (NOTE: Can't move onto blue-color unfilled recs)

4. Count Colors: Count colors in rectangles, Then input the correct answer in correct order with pressing ">>" button to submit the answer.

5. Sudoku 4x4 puzzle (Click on rectangle you want to set his value on each click if allowed)

6. Magic Square: Input sum of one side of rectangles with pressing ">>" button to submit the answer.

7. Pyramid of Numbers: Fill required rectangles with correct numbers in order to solve this puzzle (Click on rectangle you want to set his value on each click if allowed)

8. Pass Arrows: Fill grid with corresponding arrow keys to let them navigate into the command mark (Puzzle back to beginning if not solved correctly...)


What if i'm stuck into puzzle?

Tell us in comments about that...

What this game made with?

This game made with DragonRuby Game Toolkit in Ruby programming language, It uses the fast and minimal Ruby implementation mruby and well-known library SDL2, You can get it here: https://dragonruby.org/toolkit/game

Can i have source code?

Yes it's on GitHub and licensed under Public Domain, From here: https://github.com/Rabios/6wrni-students-jam-1

3rd party stuff

Info about these could be found in links.txt which comes with the archives...

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Jul 08, 2021
Made withDragonRuby GTK
Tags2D, Escape Game
Code licenseUnlicense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I am stuck on the 4th room

Hi, Thanks for trying the game! ♥

To solve the 4th room all what you have to do is to calculate number of squares of each color then enter them…

HINT: Number of Red squares - Number of Blue squares - Number of Green squares - Number of Pink squares, Then enter value of each one…


veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!