OpenSenet is Senet board game written in Ruby via DragonRuby GTK!

The game was done in around 18 days, And will still be better each day!

The goal was to provide open source and free Senet game running on most desktop operating systems that isn't being made with engines like Unity.


1. Click on sticks to roll sticks.

2. Click on piece to select it and click on one possible moves by green circle, To deselect piece use right mouse button.

3. You can click on the ring or hit space key to pass turn if no piece of player pieces can move on board.

About Senet rules, You can find it here!

NOTE: This game requires 2 player (PVP from same device, Playing versus CPU or online not offered yet...)

Changes from original Senet

1. Player is free to move his piece backward or forward if move possible...

2. Player also can pass turn manually.


Currently, It's available for browser and desktop platforms (64-bit only), Yes you can try it in your web browser!

If your desktop PC architecture isn't 64-bit (Or you use mobile) then you should play it from web browser instead...

If you use Android, You can play it but you need Android 8 (Oreo) but if you can't you can play it on Nox emulator!

Source Code

Source code with changelog available here!

Anything else?

I really worked hard on this, So if you liked OpenSenet project give me a review, Or if you found bug(s) tell me about it.


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OpenSenet-android-v0.5.apk 7 MB
OpenSenet-linux-amd64-v0.5.bin 6 MB
OpenSenet-linux-raspberrypi-v0.5.bin 6 MB 5 MB
OpenSenet-windows-amd64-v0.5.exe 6 MB

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