v0.3 released!

What’s new?

  1. FIXED: Now move points in forbidden tiles won’t shown if tile occupied by enemy piece and selected piece in house of beauty
  2. FIXED: Now pieces can move back to first tile in board when possible!
  3. IMPROVED: Now you can deselect by clicking anywhere out of board!
  4. IMPROVED: Logic of piece in house of waters is much better…
  5. IMPROVED: Game title in menu is centered, For real this time…

I think game should be much better for now…

Always make sure to see changelog and source code!


OpenSenet-html5.zip Play in browser
Nov 13, 2020
OpenSenet-windows-amd64.exe 7 MB
Nov 13, 2020
OpenSenet-macos.zip 5 MB
Nov 13, 2020
OpenSenet-linux-amd64.bin 7 MB
Nov 13, 2020
OpenSenet-linux-raspberrypi.bin 7 MB
Nov 13, 2020

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